Monday, September 4, 2017

#obsessed: Good Nights — Whethan & Passenger Seat — Clueless Kit

If my rate of blogging and my general mood are correlated, then evidently I've been in a great mood lately. I suppose this is true: my schedule is settling in with the exception of one last waitlisted class, my room is set up exactly to my expectations, and I'm starting to see my friends again. I feel like I'm already in the swing of things, unlike past semesters or summers where the time is halfway gone before I feel ready to begin.

Good music is also extremely effective at mood boosting. These two are from the Spotify Pop Chillout and Discover Weekly playlists, respectively. I really couldn't choose which one I liked better, so I'm #obsessed with both of them. "Good Nights" has lyrics about a good thing with an old friend ending, but the tune is carefree, evoking a feeling of savoring happier memories of past times. "Passenger Seat" is about reconnecting with an old friend on a drive by the ocean, filled with hopeful and uplifting vibes. I find that both of them are fairly relevant to my life right now, as I try to become comfortable with letting old parts of my life go and welcome new things in at the same time. We'll see where this new year takes me, but I'm excited for good things to happen. ◊

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