Wednesday, July 5, 2017

Fourth of July

There is no better place to spend the Fourth of July holiday than the nation's very capital. For all its flaws, I still love the idea of America, its freedom and independence. Plus, any excuse to wear red lipstick is good with me. The big events of the day were the parade and the fireworks. We snagged a good spot to watch the parade: right near the street, but in the shade. The parade itself was a bit underwhelming; I am now of the opinion that once you've seen one parade, you've seen them all. The fireworks as well were not overly impressive, but beautiful nonetheless. My favorite part of the day was picnicking on the Mall: the clouds rolling in, the good company, and the lovely spread of cheese and crackers, hummus and carrots, and fruit and soda. Ever since the Davis picnic, I've found that it's an activity that I enjoy quite a lot — spending time with friends, curating a palette, and enjoying the good weather. Happy birthday America! ◊

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