Sunday, June 25, 2017


After a terrible Friday wracked with social anxiety, I found the will to leave the house this weekend for a number of exciting adventures. First was seeing Wonder Woman in Friendship Heights with Diana. I struggled a bit with navigating the Metro, but I made it in the end. We also visited the Botanic Garden, which was absolutely beautiful and very humid. On Sunday, I started off with a trip to the Dupont Circle Farmers' Market with a couple of Cal-in-the-Capital friends. The peaches were in abundance, but not yet at peak ripeness: the juicysweet flavor of summer has yet to sink in all the way to the hearts of the fruits. I love how colorful everything is at a farmers' market — as if the fresh produce and human goodwill intermingle and produce a new type of vitality. We also made our way to the Newseum, a highly recommended attraction. The top floor balcony boasted a magnificent view of the clouds and the Capitol building. I love the sky in D.C.; unlike Berkeley where a cloudy day means a completely overcast sky, here, the luminous puffs dabbled across atmosphere exude an effervescent mood. On our way back to the bus stop, we passed numerous Classical buildings of imposing stature, reminding me I still have so much to explore. If this good weather keeps up, I have no doubt that it will be a very fruitful summer. ◊

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