Friday, June 9, 2017


I've officially survived my first week in DC. Things have calmed down considerably since my last post — my congestion has gone away, I bought a new water bottle, I've located my camera at the airport lost and found, I have my room and bed set up, and I'm getting accustomed to my internship and the neighborhood. I also was able to meet up with my good friend Diana, who took me to get food at a really good empanada place, followed by the novelty of rolled ice cream next door. The empanadas were delicious, especially with a cilantro, parsley, and lemon dip, and the rolled ice cream was worth the Instagram, even though it didn't taste any different from regular ice cream. We also made plans to hang out on Sunday, which should be fun and help me settle in to DC a bit more. Overall, I'm doing a lot better, but still a bit anxious about getting to know the city and finding a new internship. Even though it's going to be tough, I'm looking forward to the rest of this summer! ◊

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