Tuesday, June 20, 2017

Lorde Owns My Soul & I Have No Regrets

I know it sounds fake, but I swear my entire outlook on life has changed 180˚ since Lorde's new album Melodrama came out on June 16. It is an absolute masterpiece, and I haven't listened to anything else in the last few days (except her old music as well).

Unlike Lorde's last album release, I now have the financial independence to do what I want with my money, so I bought merch for the first time. There was a tote that had the gem of a line, "your sweetheart psychopathic crush," written in filigree cursive, but ultimately, this hat and the delicate plant sprig won out.

The flip side of financial independence is that it's easy to get carried away. I also bought tour tickets — four of them, in fact. One for myself, one for a friend, and two because my other friend convinced me to get them and sell them at a markup. I don't know how that's going to work so it was a bit of a risk, but hopefully it pays off. The concert isn't until March, so I have some time to figure that out. Until then, I'll have to wait on the merch and savor the lyrics and rhythms of Melodrama a bit more. ◊

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