Sunday, March 5, 2017


This weekend has quite frankly been exhausting. I'm taking a break right now from the three essays I have due this week: 7-10 pages for ED182AC, 6 pages for PS111AC, and 4 pages for Wealth and Poverty. I probably should have worked on them earlier, but more pressing events were taking place, specifically the release of the last Wolverine movie (at least, the last with Hugh Jackman). Wolverine has always been my favorite Marvel character, and going into this one was bittersweet knowing that it would be the end of an era. I cried, and as you can see, I'm clearly not happy it's over. To avoid spoilers, I'll just say that the movie was amazing, and that I plan on going back to rewatch it soon.

The only downside was that the timing of the movie kept getting pushed back. I initially thought it would be at 10am, but it was actually scheduled for 10:45am on the ticket. Then, at the theater, the actual showing was at 11:15am. Luckily, that gave my friend and I enough time to go get food, and so we snuck Pizza My Heart into the theater. Unfortunately, because I was supposed to meet up with a potential subletter at 2:30pm, I didn't have much time to shop at Bay Street. This was especially disappointing because they had just opened up a new MAC, and Lush also had new products. I did get to pick up a face mask and a toner, the Eau Roma water. It's supposed to be good for hydrating sensitive skin. I've found that switching to products specifically for sensitive skin has cleared up a lot of my skin problems. Plus, the new packaging for Lush is amazingly cute.

It ended up that I didn't make it back to Berkeley in time to meet up with the subletter. I felt so frazzled and overwhelmed by the feeling that I had failed in some way. Plus, the impending stress of three essays wasn't helping either. In these situations, I think it's important to remember to take time for aggressive self care. After a mini reset to indulge in all-of-the-Lush, I actually managed to finish three pages of writing. I've been saying to myself, "After this week, everything will be okay," every week so far, but this time, I'm genuinely hoping I get a bit of a break after these essays. If not, then at least spring break is coming soon. ◊

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