Tuesday, January 17, 2017

MDIP — San Francisco!

Something I've been telling myself I would do since the first semester of college is to go to San Francisco for fun. I'm not sure if this counts because technically it's not during the school year but one way or another it finally happened! The Ferry Building [1] is conveniently close to the BART station, and it has a ton of good food, but I had already been there and to the dock next to it [2] for a school club event. Pier 39 [3] is a decent walk away and ridiculously crowded, but the food was good. We had fish and chips and a sourdough bread bowl [4], the lid of which I hollowed out to make a second bread bowl [5]. The main tourist attraction was the 16th Avenue Tiled Steps. I'm not sure how or when I had heard of them, but they are well worth a visit, even though we had to Uber [6] there from Pier 39. The view at the top [7] let's you see all the way down to the ocean. The stairs themselves are mosaics of scenes from under the sea all the way up to the sun and the moon [8]. Beyond that there's another hill to climb [9] where you can see the rest of the city [10][11] and has an amazing view of the sunset [12]. ◊

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