Monday, October 17, 2016

#obsessed: Hold On & Believe (ft. The Federal Empire) — Martin Garrix

I've been #obsessed with this song since a recording from a music festival was posted by a fan account as an unofficial lyric video. Unfortunately I can't find that lyric video anymore; it may have been taken down due to copyright infringement, which is a shame because it was very well made. I've tried looking for it but the only reference I can find is this article about the fan video.
"You got me back on my feet again
You said that lovers come and may go
You said that time will pass
But I'll stay your friend
I'll help you up when you feel alone"
Back to the song, I have to say, I love the lyrics more than the beat. They give me an Avicii vibe, and originally the fan video referenced the song as a collab between Martin Garrix and Avicii. To be honest, I like the unofficial version a bit better. It had an indescribable energy that makes me want to go to a live edm show. It's a shame that Avicii is retired from touring for the time being; I'd love to go to a show of his, but hopefully I somehow can see Martin Garrix live in the near future.
"I was lonely
But after all you told me I'd be ok
Cause friends are worth a whole lot more than money
Hope that everyone has felt like me
Hold on and believe"
Also, from his interviews and vlogs, Martin Garrix seems like a genuinely humble and kind person. He deserves all of his success, especially winning #1 on DJ Mag this year. It's hard to believe that he's my age, and clearly, he has many more great things in his future (and hopefully an album??). This song was released as part of a 'Seven Days, Seven Songs' event, so if you enjoy this one, I highly encourage you to check out the rest of his discography. ◊

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