Wednesday, August 17, 2016

Sleek Unboxing and Swatches

My lovely friend Wei-Wei was in Europe this summer and kindly asked if I would like some makeup from exclusively across the pond. Having no real experience whatsoever beyond lipstick and eyeliner, naturally I said yes. Giving credit where credit is due, requesting both of these products was inspired by Youtuber Roxxsaurus, who probably wears them better than I ever will. Nevertheless, the highlighter and blush by Sleek exceeded my wildest expectations and makes me so happy whenever I see them on my desk.

The highlighter quad by Sleek in '032 Solstice' is an incredibly worthwhile purchase at $15 USD. It is extremely high quality, from the packaging to the pigment. It comes with a fairly large mirror and a small brush. I would not recommend using the brush, as it is not all all fluffy and smooth. I have yet to try all of the shades, but I'm very excited, and the names are so elegant as well!

The Sleek blush in Rose Gold is approximately $8 USD, but according to Roxxsaurus, it's a near match for Nars Orgasm blush. The packaging is nearly the same as well, so I'm quite excited to try it out. Below are swatches for all four shades in the Solstice palette, as well the blush.

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