Friday, August 19, 2016

Santana Row & Valley Fair

I had often heard of Santana Row and thought it a wonderfully elegant shopping center, but had not really explored much as the extent of my experience was two forced family dinners. It turns out, it has so much more to offer than awkward Italian food. Anisha and her boyfriend took me to Fantasia for PMT, which I really enjoyed. I ordered a Green Mango Black Tea, and though I didn't get to finish all the pieces of fruit at the bottom, I'd still try it again. Then it was off to the Valley Fair mall across the street. Again, I had heard much about Valley Fair, but had not actually been. We were there to celebrate Karan's 20th birthday (!!!) at Din Tai Fung, which is apparently a very fancy restaurant. Five teenagers and a twenty-something looked a bit out of place amongst all of the old people and business-looking people, but the meal was enjoyable. Would not go back as it was expensive af, but it was a great way to celebrate! ◊

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