Friday, July 29, 2016

Old Sac Revisited

Sacramento has been an intense experience food-wise. This trip to Old Sac was immediately following the Davis trip last week (to recap, last Thursday was CPK, last Friday was Davis, and this post is about Saturday), and on the Sunday after that the plan was dinner at Chili's, but I was simply stuffed from three days of gluttony. I'm definitely happy about all the food, but I really need to work on moderation.

I've been to Old Sac for a fourth grade field trip before, and recently I was there to watch fireworks on the riverfront for Fourth of July. However, I had yet to truly experience it in an immersive way. I feel that now that I'm older, I can appreciate the historical significance and aesthetic. Seeing some familiar shops such as Candy Heaven brought back a wave of nostalgia, even if the barrels of sweets seemed oh-so much smaller (likely because I am now bigger). We also checked out Evangeline's Costume Mansion, which is something that can only be experienced, not described. I also bought a pair of pineapple socks at Sock City, because I know they'll remind me of Breakthrough (I don't like pineapples that much though).

Mina also wanted to check out a restaurant in the area, the Tower Cafe. I was definitely glad I went because the food was amazing. The restaurant itself seems a little cramped due to the smattering of eclectic decor, but we were able to find seats and get served relatively quickly. I had a Malaysian Chicken sandwich (Grilled skin-on chicken breast marinated in a hoisin and ginger glaze and served with mayo, lettuce, red onion, jicama and grilled pineapple on a brioche bun — it really is the summer of the pineapple) and a peach Italian soda (not worth, but refreshing nonetheless). ◊

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