Friday, July 1, 2016

Food Friday #029 — Parlor

I am still in Sacramento, if the scheduled posts brought about any confusion; there will be an update on that to follow soon. In a nutshell, I've survived my first week of teaching. There were highs and lows, but in the end, we all celebrated at a cute little ice cream shop called Parlor right around the corner from my homestay. It hit all the points of ice cream shop aesthetic, with little handwritten signs and a public chalkboard. I had a single scoop of Cake Batter in a waffle cone, and it was amazing — creamy and cold, with just the right amount of cake chunks. I have decided that I probably don't want a cake this year, a pint of this will do. It's regularly over 100˚F here as well, so ice cream feels less like a treat and more of a necessity. I also really want to try Main-go (mango sorbet) and Green Machine (mint cookie), so if by some chance you're in Sacramento this summer, let me know and let's all scream for ice cream! ◊

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