Sunday, July 24, 2016

All's Well That Ends Well

I'm pretty sure I'm going a little crazy from being around so many people all the time. It brings out the worst in me; while I try to rein it in, there are times when I am so exhausted that I don't care if I'm being insensitive. It's somewhat liberating to reach that point, but it's definitely not healthy to be potentially hurtful to other people in favor of my own mental health, especially when everyone else is stressed too. Given that, in some estimates, only around a quarter of people are introverts, it's frustrating to have to interact with people differently due to the way I am. Though I am well aware of my strengths and limitations, I still feel rude to turn down invitations. On Thursday night, I went to a team dinner at CPK even though I was not at all comfortable with socializing at the time. I was so stressed, I ordered and ate an entire pizza. I'm worried about missing out, but it's time I commit to putting my own needs first.

That said, I did enjoy going out for an FMH after the UC Davis trip, even if I completely crashed afterwards. It was a long day, being at work by 7am and ending at nearly 11pm with all the events and whatnot. There's not much to do this weekend, so it's good to take time to recover.

1 — UC Davis: Orange club is done with planning responsibilities! The seventh grade UC Davis trip went swimmingly well as the students enjoyed the tour, activities, and pool trip. The campus was huge so the tour ran over time, but there was an hour long buffer worked in, just in case, and everything worked out perfectly.

2 & 3 — After the trip, the faculty went out to eat at Jack's Urban Eats. A friend and I swapped halves of a Jack's classic chicken sandwich and a pulled pork BBQ sandwich and split a plate of fries. I should have stopped there, but there was more food when we went to...

4 — Parlor (again!) I finally tried their Main-Go (mango sorbet) and it was heavenly. Parlor happens to be a Pokestop in Pokemon Go, so there were three tip jars set up for the three teams. I wish I had more space at the time to eat ice cream, so I definitely need to go back again. But that's not all...

5 — We went back to UC Davis for an FMH game of sardines in the social sciences building known as the Deathstar. On the way there, everyone stopped at a famous drive-by coffee place called Dutch Bros Coffee. I had no clue what to get, so I went with the recommended drink, an iced Cocomo, which is a chocolate and coconut infused coffee. I'm usually hesitant about anything coconut flavored, but as this is the summer of #trynewthings, I took a risk and was pleasantly surprised! It was delicious and smooth and I highly recommend it.

6 — We arrived back at UC Davis and tried to find parking. We drove around the same little square at least four times. We were considering giving up and joining either a frat party or a circus circle. The struggle bus was officially updated to a struggle boat, the HMS Struggle. But in the end it was worth it, as we arrived at the Deathstar at twilight. The building itself seemed quite ugly earlier in the day when we passed it, but in the evening it glowed as the soft orange light bathed the walls. My team entirely missed the first round of sardines as we walked around taking #aesthetic photos of everything. Unfortunately, that meant that we had to hide the next round, which resulted in...

7 — One. Whole. Hour. Spent in a hot and miserable corner. We were originally going to go up the roof, which looked like a good hiding place earlier, but the layout of the Deathstar was so complex that we couldn't find our way there. We settled for a tiny corner of the side of the building. We were so sure that everyone would find us within five minutes, but apparently it was a good enough hiding place that three teams gave up and couldn't find us in an hour. Towards the end of the hour, I got bored, so I tried walking around and setting a timer to take pictures of us, but the rest of the sardines weren't having it. They sent someone to literally pick me up and carry me back into the can. We were the champions, but it certainly didn't feel very glamorous.

8 — A number of people were down for round three of sardines, but I had enough. After walking around the Davis campus for nearly 8 miles, and being awake for almost 15 hours, I was near collapse. As one of the original hiders, I was stuck in the back corner of the people pile for a good twenty minutes, and as said before, it was miserable (I really can't emphasize that enough). Instead, I went with my original teammate and another person to Sharetea, which was thankfully open until 11pm. I ordered a kiwi fruit tea with ice jelly and basked in the oasis of air conditioning. It was a satisfying way to end the night.

9 — I went home in the daze from sheer exhaustion. All I can remember is that the moon looked very bright and pretty. I tried to take a photo, but my camera wouldn't focus. The result was a rather nice abstract picture that I slapped a snapchat filter on. Once home, I showered and promptly collapsed into bed. It was a good day, but I'm more than glad that it's over. ◊

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