Sunday, May 29, 2016

Hello Seattle

After two weeks in Suburbia, enough was enough. Though I enjoyed seeing my friends again and working with my speech and debate team, it was time to move from suburban San Jose to suburban Seattle, for a change of scenery at least. This was the first time I was taking a full trip alone, and the airport is a nasty place to be with social anxiety, but the flight itself was fairly uneventful. I had a window seat and a lovely view. I sat next to two pleasant middle aged women and played solitaire for the entire duration of the flight, and before I knew it, the plane was landing at SeaTac Airport. After a long drive to my former roommate Megan's house, where I will be staying for the next week, it was quite late and I was ridiculously sore from carrying my luggage everywhere, so I slept like a rock to await further adventures ahead.

Waking up around noon the next day, I realized that I had nothing planned for the week ahead. I knew I had some forms to take care of for this summer and the next year in college, but aside from that and catching up with blogging, I had no idea how to spend the week. I only know that Seattle is mainly known for three things: the Space Needle, good coffee, and the lush nature. So Megan and I walked the trail near Lake Sammamish for six miles. We saw a good deal of wildlife, including an egret, two bunnies, some bald eagles that were too far away for much detail, and a crow eating a snake (ah, the circle of life). Hopefully I'll be able to ask some friends for recommendations and hit up all the cool quirky coffee shops. Aside from that, there's not much to say, so I look forward to an interesting week in Seattle, the Emerald City. ◊

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