Friday, April 29, 2016

Food Friday #023 — Toss Noodle Bar

This post is long overdue, and if you can't tell, it's been posted retroactively. It has repeatedly occurred to me that no one can tell if a post is retroactively published or not, so there's no point in mentioning it. I always feel sneaky when I do it so for the sake of transparency I mention it anyway. Also, I don't know why I bother with these retroactive Food Friday's. Maybe it's just for the sake of posterity so I can look back one day and tell how I felt about a place and if I'd ever eat there again. Or maybe it's just a weird thing where I have to finish all my old posts before being able to work on new ones. Mental baggage.

Anyhow, Toss is a sort of have-it-your-way noodle bar where you order by picking each part of the noodle making process to create a bowl. Pictured above is the soy sauce chicken hokkien noodle, which was very much a "play-it-safe" choice, but delicious nonetheless. The portions are huge, as most portions are for me, but I managed to finished all of it except the onions, which were a little undercooked for my taste. The decor is on point, with succulent shelves and mason jars, but the establishment does have a bit of a fly problem. Still, it's quite popular, so in the event that the seats are packed, take out is just as good (and you can avoid the flies). ◊

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