Saturday, March 26, 2016

#obsessed – Indie Pop

It has come to my attention recently that about 60% of my Spotify consists of really old middle school pop. They're still good songs, but it is far past time to update and expand my music tastes. Pop music nowadays isn't really appealing anymore; once in a while a Top 40 song will be something I like, but less and less so. Without radio exposure, I guess I just haven't picked up any new music aside from what my friends show me, or new songs by artists I already like.

To remedy this, I dove headfirst into the Browse feature on Spotify. It seems that my music taste has morphed to indie pop and electronic music, so those were the ones I started with. To my surprise, I found a playlist that I liked almost completely (aside from 2 songs). The playlist is to the right if you have a Spotify account, but if you don't, here are Youtube links:

» Conqueror – Aurora
» Electric Love – BØRNS
» Gold – Kiiara
» Keeping Your Head Up – Birdy
» Monster Lead Me Home – Sara Hartman
» Waking Up – Mr Little Jeans

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