Thursday, March 24, 2016

MDIP – Transit Struggles

On Wednesday I decided to take a break from sleeping and go with Emma to visit Anna in Cupertino. To get there, we navigated the local AC Transit, BART, and Caltrain –– and failed miserably at all of them. We started off taking the bus to the wrong BART station, where we boarded the wrong train (twice), had to sprint up to the other platform to transfer, and missed our Caltrain. We were stuck at the Millbrae station for an hour, but luckily the info booth employee directed us to an In-N-Out only a 10 minute walk away. In-N-Out, with its signature palm tree decor, looked like a literal oasis. I haven't had In-N-Out in such a long time, so what started out as a missed train turned out to be an opportunity.

We made it to Cupertino in the end and refreshed at the legendary Tpumps. I'm not a fan of tea, but the flavors they added completely masked the taste of the tea so it was more like a fruit drink than a tea. I'm also not a fan of tapioca, but I love the popping boba. Drinks in hand, we drove back to Anna's house, where I finally met her cat, who is a wonderful precious fuzzbean. I also ate half a samosa, which was a bad mistake. I was expecting it to not be spicy, but it was way above my spice tolerance. I literally cried and drank nearly all of Emma's milk tea. The pain subsided, but an important lesson was learned.

I would have been happy playing with the cat all afternoon, but the plan was to watch a movie. The nearest theater was the AMC in Vallco Mall. I had been there years ago, and even then, it wasn't an exciting mall, but I didn't expect it to be a ghost mall this time. Granted, it was the middle of the day, when most people were at work or at school, but most of the stores were closed as well. There weren't even any employees selling tickets, so we used the automated machines. The showing of Zootopia was at 2:30, but even though we were a little late, there were plenty of seats. It was definitely a witty movie, but I wouldn't say it's necessary to watch it in theaters.

Emma had a dinner planned with her roommate, so Anna's mom drove us up to the Fremont BART station so we wouldn't have to deal with the transfer between Caltrain and BART on the way back. Somehow, we got onto the wrong train again, but switching to the right train was fairly easy, as we didn't have to switch platforms and rush hour meant trains were coming every minute. Once we were on the right train, I fell asleep on the way back. Transit is surprisingly exhausting.

Arriving at the Downtown Berkeley BART Station, the final leg of the journey was to take the bus back to Unit 2. The 51B wasn't coming for 8 minutes, so we decided to take the 49, which would have dropped us off at Unit 1, which is within walking distance of Unit 2. Unfortunately, I didn't notice that there are two 49 lines, the 49A and the 49B. Of course, it happened to be the wrong one that I boarded, so we freaked out a bit as we realized it was taking us away from campus. We walked a distance before finally boarding the 51B and arriving home, where I promptly plopped into bed and watched an episode of Agents of SHIELD before going to sleep. ◊

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