Friday, March 18, 2016

Food Friday #022 – Delhi Diner

I was looking through my blog archive for the last Food Friday I did in order to continue the numbering system, but to my surprise, the last post was in October of last year! It's not that I haven't eaten anything (obviously) but I guess I've been busy in general and therefore neglecting this blog, especially posts that require a fair amount of planning and patience on my friends' behalf (to leave the food alone until I have taken sufficient photographic records). Luckily I had the presence of mind to take several photos at Anna's birthday last week. Her parents took Emma and I with them to an Indian restaurant. I usually stay away from Indian food because it's known to be spicy, but Anna's mother was also not a fan of spice, so all the food we ordered was fairly mild. It was a lovely experience and I am now a samosa enthusiast as well. I'm going to skip the review because it was a while ago (and they're a hassle to write) but I enjoyed the meal and would recommend it for sure! ◊

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