Friday, January 22, 2016

#obsessed: Lush Life – Zara Larsson

It's been a while since I've done a #obsessed music post! The last week or so has been incredibly hectic, as I've been moving back into the dorms, starting classes again, and in general struggling to get this semester up and running. Things have finally settled down again after I set up all my technology and organization strategies. The plan is to take reading notes and lecture notes by hand, but since lecture notes are usually messy, I retype them into Evernote, which syncs across my devices. This is especially helpful because I can start retyping them on my iPad and finish them in my computer, or take the finished notes with me on the iPad. Since my Education 190 class requires a computing device, having the iPad is a godsend, otherwise I'd have to lug my old, heavy Macbook Pro all the way to the opposite corner of the school, uphill, two days a week.

Back to the music, usually I detest Spotify ads, especially the ones with the sound of traffic advertising for Spotify Premium, but sometimes the ads are ok. I mention this even though I can mute the ads on my computer because Spotify comes in three tiers, depending on the device. On the iPhone, the songs are shuffle only, with ads. On the computer, you can select whichever song you like, whenever you like, and I can easily mute ads. On the iPad, song selection is allowed, but it's harder to mute ads, so I usually don't bother. And sometimes this is really good.

My #obsessed song is one of those songs that I heard in an advertisement. It's actually a bit of an old song, released June 2015, but it was never popular in the US. Which is a shame, because it's really catchy. I also love the lyrics, because most breakup songs are about people ending relationships, but this one is about a crush that didn't work out, which I can relate to more. Also, Lush is one of my favorite stores, and this reminds me that I should go buy another face mask.
"It was a crush // Now I might have went and said too much // But that's all it was // So I gave it up"

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