Friday, October 2, 2015

Food Friday #020 – Wonton Party!

What a week. I've had essays for two weeks straight so unfortunately I haven't had much time to update on here (though I've been sneakily doing so retroactively). I'll upload a life update post soon, but in the meantime, since I posted the pictures of the wonton party earlier this week as a MDIP post, I wanted to talk about it a bit. I didn't have the time or energy to write more about it at the time, and now I don't have the time or energy to dig up and edit more pictures, so this is the explanation part with "recycled" pictures from that post.

Long story short, somehow my roommate Megan decided to organize a wonton party to celebrate the Mid-Autumn Festival. One of her friends from high school offered to host at her apartment and invited guests. None of us knew how to cook wontons, but with a bit of trial and error (and a bit of a scare with a blender) they actually turned out fabulous! We joked that the wontons were a metaphor for college – at first you think they're going to fall apart, but after taking the heat, they turn out to hold together better than expected.

Reminiscing back to dinner party always makes me so happy, because I think it's probably one of my first concrete memories of college outside of school and work. I smile whenever I recall the planning, the karaoke, the games, the food, the effort we put into the whole endeavor, the Izzes in red solo cups, and the people.

It also happened to be Xander's birthday the day before, so we had a cake for him to surprise him with. Unfortunately his roommate had already spoiled the surprise, but it was still cute. The best part about the cake though was the last piece, which was unceremoniously smashed into Xander's face by Megan (you can see the aftermath in the picture on the right).

At the end of the night a few people had left already, but we all took a polaroid together. Though I didn't get to keep the physical copy for my scrapbook, at least I got a pretty clear photo of the picture. Fifteen is probably the largest number I've ever had a casual social gathering with, but it was surprisingly a lot of fun, and not as exhausting as I had expected. I learned a lot about everyone through several enlightening rounds of "Never Have I Ever," ate a lot of handmade food, proved to myself that I could probably survive as an independent adult, and made some new friends. I'm actually looking forward to more social gatherings, maybe breaking out of my little introvert shell, and living my life a little fuller (clearly I have not yet from the results of NHIE). ◊

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