Friday, October 23, 2015


I cannot articulate how busy I've been over the last few days, from midterms, to life in general, to helping organize All-Hall-O-Ween, also known as AHOW (it's an event the residence halls put on to give children from neighboring elementary schools a safe trick-or-treating experience). I've barely had a single moment where I've done nothing in the last two and a half days, and I haven't had a proper meal for a day and a half. Nevertheless, I don't regret putting so much work in. The kids were absolutely adorable, and I got to dress up too. That was actually a really great bonus because I was caught undecided between two costumes, until I realized that I had two occasions to celebrate Halloween – AHOW and the day of. The first costume was Kate Bishop (aka Hawkeye), which I loved doing because I got to wear a lot of purple. I wasn't allowed to take pictures of the kids, so instead here are a ton of self gratuitous pictures of my costume. I'm actually quite proud of it because I put a lot of thought into the details (chevron necklace and arrowhead earrings) and the makeup (inspired by the Hawkingbird mask). I even dyed my hair purple (!) even though it doesn't show up very well because my hair is already so dark. ◊

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