Thursday, June 18, 2015

#obsessed: Bridges – Broods

There's a saying, "Don't burn your bridges," that officially means, "If you burn your bridges, you do something that makes it impossible to go back from the position you have taken." For a lot of people nowadays though, the bridges are to people. Every time I log on to Facebook, I am sorely tempted to unfriend everyone that I know from that one event at that one time in that one place. Though that relationship could potentially be important, it's just a lot of unnecessary mental baggage that I'd rather not deal with. Ideally, the two or three people that I know very well would be sufficient for the amount of social interaction that I need. Interacting with anyone else doesn't even feel genuine anymore, like I'm trying too hard to maintain a semblance of a social life. I don't know if that's a normal thing people go though or just pathetic, but in a perfect world, if I had to have friends, it would just be me and one other person who doesn't have any other friends either and then we could do everything together or just do nothing. If everything fails, I still have the option of becoming an agoraphobic cat lady who gets her groceries delivered, so at least I'm prepared for that. ◊

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