Monday, May 25, 2015

#obsessed: Jen From Head To Toe

This weekend I've been pulling away from most social media: I've logged out of Tumblr, I've cleaned up my Facebook, and I've sorted out all my emails. However, two things I have been getting back into are Pinterest and Youtube. Pinterest was mostly because I finally convinced Diana to make an account and Youtube because I've rediscovered an old-school beauty blogger: From Head to Toe.

Jen From Head To Toe, my favorite rediscovered beauty guru at the moment!

The girl behind the blog is Jen, who does slow paced, very clear makeup tutorials that explain everything, which is important to me as a lot of the time, beauty bloggers show the products they use, but not necessarily all the techniques. She also zooms in very close to demonstrate how to use the product, which is super helpful, especially since learning how to do makeup is one of my summer goals. She has a blog here, which hasn't been very active lately, but she has been blogging since 2008, which is even before Zoella, so that's a long time. She also still does weekly Youtube videos on her main channel which range from tutorials to hauls to personal videos, your standard beauty guru fare.

In addition to the makeup tutorials, I've been binge-watching a lot of her personal videos on both her main channel and side channel and she is absolutely just so adorable and gorgeous. She has a cute little dog named Oreo and a husband whom she has dated since high school and their relationship (which she talked about in her Draw My Life video) is so precious. I had to pause her Vlogmas Day 25 video multiple times just because it was too much cuteness at once and I aspire to have her life someday. ◊

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