Saturday, May 23, 2015

LUSH Review: Space Girl & Oatifix

It's a three day weekend so I decided to indulge in a bath while I had the time. I used the Space Girl bath bomb from my last haul and tried out the Oatifix face mask sample as well. I concede that it was a bit underwhelming (honestly, bath bombs are overhyped) but I was satisfied with the results.

Unfortunately due to the bad picture quality as a result of steam on the camera lens, I won't be able to post what it looks like in the water, but it was a pleasant purple color. It wasn't very intense in pigmentation or glitter, so I would recommend it as a beginner bath bomb. I, however, do want to try one of the more intense bath bombs, so aside from bathing for the sole purpose of de-stressing and relaxation, I think I'll just wait for their Christmas sale, when they have more variety. The only reason I'm still willing to give bath bombs another go is because they really do make my skin feel nice and soft, and the floral scent was incredible as well. (6/10)

As for the face mask, I normally hate things that leave any feeling of residue on my face so initially I wasn't too pleased when this one rinsed off. Oatifix is for dry skin, so I shouldn't be too surprised that it felt heavy, but I decided to give it a chance and not scrub it off with more cleanser. A few hours later, my skin still feels super soft, as if I had just applied lotion. I don't know if I would buy this, just because there are some other ones that I like better, but I'd be curious to see how this works on my skin in the long run. It has the smell and texture of cookie dough (though not the taste!) so I think I'd be more inclined to buy it on a whim than as a staple in my skincare routine. (7.5/10)

Overall, I am the tiniest bit disappointed in these individual products, but I've tried the Cupcake and Love Lettuce face masks samples as well in the time since, and I've loved both of them. Cupcake really works to pull out anything that clogs pores and rinses cleanly, while Love Lettuce was a gentle but efficient exfoliator that was super easy to apply. I want to try to work them in to my skincare routine, but I'm actually worried that I won't have the time for face masks in college. Hopefully if I use them enough over the summer it will actually help to fix and balance my skin before I leave. In summary, bath bombs aren't all that fun, but they are great for relaxing; face masks are hit or miss but do give new things a chance. ◊

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