Tuesday, March 24, 2015

What Am I Doing With My Life

Things That I Want To Do Right Now:
-Eat Healthy
-Cleanse/Detox Body and Mind
-Breathe (I'm feeling a bit anxious right now)

Things I Am Doing Right Now:
-None of the above
-Feeling miserable
-Feeling useless

Why I Am Not Doing Anything Right Now:
-College Anxiety
-No money
-A creeping sense of uncertainty and self doubt

Sorry for kind of a weird post, I've just been feeling pretty uninspired and ranty and negative, and I feel like I've been getting distant from people, so I don't want to talk to anyone and bother them. College decisions are still slowly rolling in, and today I got waitlisted at Wellesley. The suspense of logging onto portals and checking decisions is killing me; I am very much an instant gratification type of person and I just want to know already. I know I'll be feeling a lot better once this month is over, but until then, I'll just be sick with anticipation and the knowledge that I will inevitably be rejected from the reach schools (so far I've only been accepted at match and safety schools, and waitlisted at low reach/high match schools). On the plus side, I did get my first scholarship from Fordham University in NYC, a $30000/year Dean's Scholarship, which is pretty exciting :) Wish me luck for the rest of the schools that come out soon! ◊

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