Saturday, March 21, 2015

Pity Bath

As mentioned before, it's just been a really weird week, but what can you do. Finally, finally, it's the weekend, after waking up every day thinking it's Friday. UCLA came in last night; I got waitlisted. Maybe it's a reminder for me not to get too arrogant, to remember that I'm not invincible, or karma's a bitch and I'm getting paid back for being unnecessarily mean and rude to people this week. I haven't been feeling myself, and I don't know why. I've been getting dizzy, on the verge of panic again, and I realize that makes my fuse short, but everything's a bit of a confusing mess and I don't know how to sort it out.

The one semi-good thing that came out of this was the fact that I had decided to do an all out LUSH bath regardless of the outcome of the UCLA decision. If I got in, it'd be celebratory, if otherwise, it would be consolatory. It turned out to be the latter, but I still enjoyed it while it lasted. After it was over, I got yelled at by both parents for taking too long, which ruined the mood. Can't a girl just soak in peace?

As you may have noticed, I'm spending all my free time trying to redesign this blog. I'm only stuck on how I want the header and background, as I think I like the rest of the design, but I really need to get that header down. In the mean time, here's a quick review of all the LUSH products that went in to the bath. Hopefully it helps if you ever decide to go "treat yo self" shopping, as LUSH can be very overwhelming at first. I highly recommend nice baths though, as they're a great way to destress, given the right combination of products. I was originally going to do a vlog of this, but reviewing the footage, it didn't quite turn out as clearly as I had hoped. Products are rated on a scale of 1 to 10, one being "probably would never buy again" to ten being "must have every single time."

» Dragon's Egg Bath Bomb (4/10)
I bought this back in December to use over winter break, but then the bathtub broke so I had to hold off on it for a while. Now that the tub is fixed I was very excited to use it. It was good for my skin and made my skin feel very nice out of the water, but it was not a very exciting bath bomb nor was it the best color. It did have very fine gold sparkles in it, which I found to be a nice touch, but it will be a long time before I buy it again. It's highly rated on the website, but it just turns out not to be what I'm looking for at the moment.

» Dorothy Bubble Bar (7.5/10)
I actually like this bubble bar very much. It has a nice fresh scent which I really enjoyed and it produced lots of bubbles and turned the water a pretty blue color. It's a relatively small bar, but at the rate I'm using it at, I'm probably getting about three or four uses out of it, so it's a good deal. The bubbles last ten to twenty minutes, depending on how much of the bar is used. I do want to try some of the other bubble bars first, but I'd definitely buy this again some time in the future.

» Fresh Farmacy Face Soap (5.5/10)
I'm rather ambivalent about this face soap, because it definitely works but it also has a strong herbal smell, which I'm not a huge fan of. It left my face feeling very clean, well balanced, and non-oily without being dry, so I'm definitely open to purchasing it in the future once I finish my current skin care products, but it's not really a must-have either.

» Cosmetic Warrior Fresh Face Mask (2/10)
I strongly disliked this face mask, especially the scent. Initially in the jar, it just had a strong tea tree smell, which I don't mind, but on my face the garlic really starts to show and it was not pleasant. Granted, I may not have preserved it very well as I left it in my bag for a while before remembering to stash it in the refrigerator. I'm worried it might have spoiled a teeny bit, which brings me to the second issue: the texture. The texture was ok on my hands but it felt slimy and weird on my face. I did not like this face mask but it did clear out and balance my skin, which I like, but other than that it is highly unlikely that I will ever buy it again because I can't stand the smell at all.

Overall I'm not hugely impressed with this bath, mostly due to a bad combination of products that would have been much better separately. Next time I'm probably going to put some more consideration into my choices and figure out which ones work well together. The golden orange of the Dragon's Egg clashed with the blue Dorothy bubble bar, producing a remarkable Shrek green underneath all of the bubbles. The Fresh Farmacy is better off on its own as the main attraction of a skin routine, and Cosmetic Warrior ought to be braved only in case of special events. I like how all of these products really did help my skin, with visible difference before and after, but at the moment, with the exception of the bubble bar, I don't think I'll be getting them again. ◊

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