Sunday, March 15, 2015

My Day In Pictures – Happiness is LUSH

I'm trying this new thing here where I document certain days in pictures. This was from yesterday, Saturday, March 14, but since I was at Diana's house for a spa day (more on that later) I couldn't upload it. Here are the pictures from the first MDIP:

1) House of Pho for lunch!

2) The pho has arrived. It was delicious :)

3) Perfect weather at Costco

4) A vanilla froyo for dessert.

5) Went to the mall with Aarthi and AK! AK had to pick up a few things from Target, and I had to get gift wrapping supplies too, so we all stopped there for errands and coffee. Then I went to pick up a few goodies from Lush for a spa day with Diana, who was sick. The picture is blurry because I was in a rush and didn't want to keep Aarthi and AK waiting longer than they already had. I am so thankful that they are incredibly patient with indecisive me!

6) A Carrot Soap for Karan, who is still in Illinois. It smells so good!

7) Two face mask samples, Cosmetic Warrior and Brazened Honey, at the store attendant's recommendation. I'm in transition with my skin care routine, so I'm trying out more products from Lush to see what I like. The samples are always a good idea because you don't know what works well for your skin until you try it, and you don't want to waste money on something you don't like.

8) I decided to treat myself and buy a bubble bar, now that the tub is working again. It smells heavenly and I can't wait to try it out! I also got a small sample of one of their soaps, Fresh Farmacy. It has a lot of great ingredients, like calamine and tea tree oil for problem skin, and it felt quite wonderful when I tried it in store. Hopefully it works on my skin in the long run too.

9) Girls' Night In or Spa Day with Diana – Diana is sick (again) and to cheer her up I thought it might be fun to do a spa day. The plan was hair, nails, and face masks, but she was too tired for any of it, so we basically browsed Tumblr the whole time. I did want to get something accomplished, so I did my nails. Pastels are good for spring (I believe the color is Bikini So Teeny by Essie) and I found a nail art pen type thing in her basket of polishes, so I did some swirls and it turned out quite nice.

And that's pretty much the whole day! I wish I had a better phone for pictures, because it's not convenient to take a phone and camera out. I was in a rush most of the time and didn't have time to stop and take quality pictures all the time. Since this is my first, I wasn't very meticulous and I missed a few moments. Here are the pictures not taken:

1) Starbucks – I got a Tall Iced Caffe Mocha with Extra Whipped Cream, my standard order. It's definitely more on the bitter side, but I've gotten sick of sugary drinks. I'll have to ask them to go easy on the ice next time, because I ended up with so much of it left, and that means less room for coffee.

2) Apple Pie – This year is a special one for pi day, also known as 3/14, because the year, 2015, makes the date, 3/14/15, the first 5 digits of pi. At 9:26:53pm, that made it the first 10 digits of pi, so as I was at Diana's house, we celebrated with all kinds of pie. I only had a small slice of apple pie, but it was so cute, because Safeway had made them personal sized and each was $3.14. ◊

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