Thursday, February 12, 2015

#obsessed: Elastic Heart – Sia

I've been #obsessed with this song for a while, which isn't surprising because I love Sia's voice. Aside from that, I also love the beat and the lyrics. Again, Maddie Ziegler represents Sia in the music video's interpretive dance, and again, the video has stirred up quite some controversy. Many in the comments are accusing the video of being pedophilic, which I disagree with. Society is so used to the sickest, weirdest interpretation of things, that the first thing that comes to mind in this video is pedophilia. True, there is an adult male and an underage female dressed in beige leotards, but there is absolutely nothing sexual going on at all. To jump to the conclusion of pedophilia is more of a reflection on the ignorance (honestly, have you even watched what's going on in the video?) and the perversion of the accuser. To me, the video clearly portrays a dysfunctional father/daughter relationship, in which both of them are trapped by something or suffer from a mental illness. Every movement represents an emotion or reaction, such as frustration or desperation, and the end result is that the daughter is able to escape the thing, while the father cannot. It's a very raw, powerful video with meaning that I cannot do justice to explain, and it's a shame that the artistic value of it is diminished by the people who fail to see beyond a perceived sexual perversion. That's just my take. ◊

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