Monday, January 19, 2015

URL Switching Update

URL switching is a lot harder than I remember. Actually, the URL switching itself wasn't too bad, but I've been moving everything to a new email account, so I've had to update all the social media accounts to match. I've also created a new Chrome user to keep all of my accounts separate, so I've been trying to consolidate that with the other things. I got frustrated at the Chrome theme because I wanted the other purple one, but now it's a paid theme, so I considered modifying my old account to use that theme, but that would be too complicated. The one I'm using now is okay, but it's a bit plain. Luckily, I've been super productive all day and I've finished my homework, so I get to focus on this singlemindedly for a while.

After a few hours, I'm done! Here are all the updated social media accounts:

[Facebook is being a duck and not letting me make a custom URL until the page gets to 25 likes.]
[Google+ is even more of a butt, and has tons of regulations on a custom URL. Will update soon.]
»Bloglovin' Profile:
»Bloglovin' Page:

I also had to move my TeenVogue and LuckyMag accounts, which are basically community contribution sites. They have the same content as what I post here, but if you're interested:


I also wanted to join another community called HerCampus, but they have a very intense application process, which I do not have all the qualifications for yet, so maybe some other time.

I'll be testing these out over the next couple of days to make sure that they work, and if you happen upon a link that doesn't let me know?

Now, keeping all of these accounts updated is another story, but that's an ongoing process. We'll see. ◊

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