Sunday, January 25, 2015

Sunday Afternoon Musings

I’m a person that gets bored pretty easily. I’ll start working on something, leave it halfway done, start something new, repeat, and then get overwhelmed by all the projects that I need to finish. Blog posts are no different. I have so many drafts that I don't even know what to do with. Most if not all are unfinished, or I'm just dissatisfied with they way they are because they are too short or too awkward to post. I can't just publish them, but I don't want to delete them and lose them forever either, so to be honest, it might not be a bad idea to simply throw them all together in one post and hit publish without a second thought. So here they are, in all their incomplete ignominy. More incoherent thoughts after the break as well.

»Human Contact

Sometimes I will go through an entire day devoid of human touch.

Today is one of those days, a day where I have simply existed in wherever I was and did not make contact with a single other human being. Luckily, I'm an introvert, so I'm perfectly okay with it. For others, this might be a situation that could drive them insane, literally.

»Two Sides of a Coin

I believe I'm a moderate. Generally I also believe that moderates need to speak out more. However, it's hard to argue for something when you don't believe in one or the other. Bi-partisanship in Congress is a huge issue at the moment and as a result no one is getting anything done. Why? The solution is rarely just one side or the other. Think about it like a coin. There are two sides of a coin, but a coin isn't worth anything if it only has one side. Both are equally important and only have power and value when working together.

»The Unfortunate Truth

There are too many things that are messed up in the world, and sometimes it seems like you can't do anything about them. So you don't. But silence is acceptance.

The issue of race is especially kind of messed up, not only on the side of racist people, but also on the side of those fighting against them.
but when people just don't get it
you have to try to make them understand
its not fair to either side
the people i know are wonderful individuals
but they are part of that group
and theres no way to deny it
the unfortunate truth of the matter is that racism hurts everyone
but it is first and foremost the responsibility of the group of people who started it to change it because they hold the power
racism in general towards white people won't stop unless they stop being racist to other people
but it goes the other way too
minorities need to stop being prejudiced about other races if they want to be not discriminated against
its such a hard complicated frustrating topic
and im no expert
but i want to do something about it
but i do know for sure that i will not be silent

»The Grey Line

I've been thinking about this for quite a while and I know there is no definite answer. It definitely depends on personal preference, but I haven't figured out what mine is personally.

end result no control
do you choose to have no control? or do you keep trying and wait until you don't get a say in the matter

coping mechanisms
good coping mechanisms work until a point
beyond that point what happens
legal but bad coping mechanisms ie cutting
illegal (for some) but maybe effective coping mechanisms

in that case the law doesn't make sense
but there has to be a limit somewhere

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