Sunday, January 18, 2015

Marvel's Agent Carter: Live Reactions

An amazing thing happened last week: Diana and Isabelle both started watching Marvel's Agents of Shield! Diana bingedwatched all of it when she was sick, and Isabelle is steadily catching up. You have no idea how exciting this is to me! I love Marvel.

If you haven't watched, you should. MAOS is pure amazingness and a feels rollercoaster that will destroy you and fulfill all your fangirling needs at the same time. You might have a reaction like this.

That's ok. The cure for MAOSitis is to watch everything again, and then to jump headfirst into the Marvel Universe reading everything you can about everything. I'll be honest, some of the things that happen on the show can be quite confusing and not as awesome if you don't understand the references, such as [SPOILER ALERT]  Inhumans and terrigenesis.

It's the Sunday after the James Logan Invite, which I went in expos for. It's a three day weekend, so I get to lounge around for a day before having the day off tomorrow to do homework. To be honest, I wasn't fully prepared for the tournament, as I had just changed the conclusion of my speech and probably could have made a few more posters. I did break to quarterfinals, but the competition was top notch, so I didn't break to semis. Luckily, that means I get to stay in today and watch TV shows. And as you may have noticed from the title of this post, I have decided upon Marvel's Agent Carter.

I've already watched all of MAOS and since it's on hiatus, Agent Carter seemed like the natural choice to go forward with. I've heard generally good reviews about it, and Diana says that Agent Carter is an awesome badass, which I'll take her word for it. I've decided to do a live reaction (to be honest, for god knows why) and I will be typing out my reactions here instead of spamming Diana through iMessage (which I'm sure she will appreciate). Unfortunately, the ABC pause button is broken, so I can't pause and unpause to resume watching. I'll try to update during commercials, or when I simply can not even (you know what that means). Reactions shown after the break for your own protection.

You can watch Marvel's Agents of Carter here.

OKAY FIRST OF ALL THIS IS NOT OKAY HOW DARE YOU FORCE ME TO WATCH STEVE DYING AGAIN. Though I still don't understand why if he was flying towards New York and crashed, how did he end up in Antarctica? Or am I missing something? Probably.

Can I just say that I love this shot, because there are all these men dressed in dark suits walking that way, and she's walking against the tide of people in a bright red hat, like this is sooooo awesome.

Wooo ok first commercial break. Ok. So far, Agent Carter is awesome. I don't even know how to react. Typical male behavior depicted accurately. Agent Carter is a badass. The disabled man is pretty awesome. Yea. I'm out of words.

Yay they hug!

Good she has high standards. Cap or bust.

Loool they get so uncomfortable around periods hahahah
Yaasss carter you bombshell [blonde wig looks awesome one her]
ewwwwwww [Spider is kissing her]
yaaaassss [the lipstick knocked him out]

Another commercial. On the fence on whether I should edit my reactions or just leave them as they are. I can only do quick reactions though, so I think I'm going to put parenthetical references to clarify.

Lol Jarvis.
yaaas the stapler
omg is she really going to diffuse a bomb in her bathroom
looool the whiskey
Noooo, her friend :C

Another commercial. Will make minor edits to make text comprehensible.

slay gurl slay [fighting the assassin?]
wtf [where did he go?]
yes positive jarvis
so sad :C [why must you do so many flashbacks]
nice stun gun
wtf [why is he talking through a throat machine? so confused]
lol [she just jumps on top of the car]
holy [the whole thing just boom and fwoosh gone]
what a pig [rude customer at diner being completely gross towards a waitress]

ok so that was the end of the first episode, now time to watch the second!

lol she is intrigued [touring howard stark's house with jarvis]
the costumes loool [in howard stark's bedroom, looking in the closet. howard stark is into roleplay?]
idiot [good thing the supervisor knows that too and he got the cleanup job]

can't even
that's it

this is a good show far. im excited to see whats to come.

yassss jarvis life lessons yaaass, go peggy, omg i like, yes peggy you need support from other people <3
"That's Sarah, she's a slut" loool

what it can't just end like that!

And that wraps up today's live reaction to Agent Carter Episodes 1 and 2!

You can watch it here. ◊

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