Friday, January 23, 2015


One thing that I've always wanted to do is to dye my hair. I've seen so many dyed hair styles at my school and I'm always so jealous when I see that shiny reddish glint in the light. Blonde ombre and red seem to be the most popular colors at the moment. I want to go with something a little different (albeit quite common across social media) but also my favorite color – a bright, strong, electric purple. For example:

My preferred look would be the full head dye, all purple, but with the amount of hair I have, that would be extremely time consuming, not to mention insanely expensive. I might just settle for some purple streaks, like this style, but it's just not as flashy or memorable as the full purple dye:

I've also considered doing an ombre purple, but ombres are hard to execute well, as it tends to look chunky if it's not blended well (at least to me it does). However, today I found this hair style with a white ombre that looks really cool. Also, if I ever get bored of it, I can dye the ends of it myself in any color.

For all my dye-headed friends, what are your recommendations on dying hair? I know for sure that I plan to get it professionally done once I decide to do it, but if you have any hair tips at all, please do share. And for those who have not yet dyed, do you plan on doing so in the future? ◊

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