Monday, December 1, 2014

December & College App Life Update

It's officially December, somehow. November went way too quickly and with the insanity of the UC app and having to get it done in three days before my dad left for a trip (he's back now) I completely neglected the Common App. I made a pact with a friend to stay after school for the next two weeks as late as we can to work on apps on campus in order to be more productive, and while doing that, I discovered that the Stanford app with an art supplement was due today. For most other colleges that I am applying to, the art supplement is due up to a week or a month after the actual application, but in the case of Stanford, the art supplement makes the app due even earlier. Since I only had nine hours left in the day at that point to finish the entire Common App and the art supplement, I opted to drop that section of the app, saving me a lot of trouble. I still felt terrible about it though, because by helping other people with their apps, I had almost horribly messed up on my own. After talking to quite a few people and the art teacher, I felt better knowing that very people would actually submit an art supplement. I'm considering dropping the supplement for quite a few of my other schools as well. My art isn't quite "phenomenal" yet.

Yesterday I did get quite a lot of work done in a chocolate fueled fervor, but I'm running low on dark chocolate again, and I'm back to being constantly agitated by the sheer amount of stuff I need to do. College apps are killing me right now and anyone who has been around me for the last couple of days can attest to how brain fried and tired and frustrated I am. I've quit Facebook and Tumblr in an attempt to minimize distractions and get work done, but for some reason I'd rather stare at a wall for five hours than write an essay. I just can't write for some reason. What I find has helped for me in getting ideas is to do art while having a computer document open. It helps me think and move past the aching terror or a blank, white screen. I've generated enough ideas to have a rough idea of what I want to talk about in each essay, so hopefully over the next two weeks I can get everything done.

A combination of college apps and general things in life has kept my anxiety up as well. It doesn't help that Larry has gotten the idea of midnight snacks. He regularly wakes me up at the wee hours of the morning to ask for food, by meowing and scratching the door. I've tried ignoring it, but it doesn't stop. I don't know what's wrong, because he's clearly not underfed, but he always wants to eat. He's adorable, but I really need my sleep and he really needs to lose weight. He also has fleas, and as I am especially attractive to bugs for some reason, I am covered in at least twenty itchy bites all over my body. However he seems quite popular on this blog, so here are some pictures of him after the break.

I just realized I probably have too many pictures of him on my phone. ◊

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