Sunday, November 9, 2014

#obsessed: Shower – Becky G

This song has been around since at least mid-summer, and I found it quite annoying at first, but it's actually quite catchy now that I listen to it again. It's the epitome of teenage love "bubblegum" pop, but sometimes you just need that little shot of happiness in your life to keep your spirits up. The "la da dee, la da da, la da daaaaa" is especially ebullient, and I've found it running through my head constantly.

I have a lot of interesting posts lined up and I just need the time to do them, but unfortunately, college apps and other school work takes precedence. I feel like I'm at least better at getting myself to do things, now that I've found some good methods to become more productive. Maybe I'll do a post on that as well. ◊

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