Wednesday, November 26, 2014

#obsessed: Guts Over Fear – Eminem ft. Sia

I don't know how I really feel about Eminem; on one hand some of his lyrics are quite violent and offensive, but on the other hand his music really expresses a lot of anger and emotion that can be relatable to a certain degree. With music, I focus less on the brand/artist loyalty than I do on listening to individual songs that I like, but once again, Eminem and Sia both have outdone themselves in this song from his new album. The girl singing Sia's parts is a model named Chantelle Brown-Young, also known as Winnie Harlow. She has a skin condition called vitiligo, which destroys pigments in the skin causing different colored patches. In a society which judges people so harshly for their physical appearance, it's inspiring to see someone who embodies the meaning of the lyrics and puts her passion and pursuit of her dreams above her fear, something I'm in the process of learning as well. ◊

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