Friday, November 21, 2014

Food Friday #009 – California Pizza Kitchen Fundraiser

Sunday was the California Pizza Kitchen fundraiser for speech and debate. My friends and I met at the restaurant at 11:30, which was exactly the time it opened, unbeknownst to us. It was nice though, because the room wasn't crowded, and we got our food very quickly.

In the four pictures above (the quality isn't the best because everyone wanted to eat as soon as possible), the top left is the Hawaiian, the top right is a Tostata, the bottom right is a Sicilian thin crust, and I ordered a Hawaiian BBQ Chicken (bottom left). I love the sweet, tangy flavor of the sauce, and the richness of the whole experience. I highly recommend it to anyone going to CPK soon.

After eating, we had some time to hang out in the mall for a bit. Just outside the mall, there was a small crowd around a man with a plastic box, and inside were four of the most tiny, adorable puppies! They were so only six weeks old, and so small and shivering, that I wanted to take one home right then and there! I had to leave them, but I wish I could have been able to adopt one. I really hope each of them finds a loving forever home, but unfortunately, I don't think the best place for them to be sold is outside the mall. I should have taken some pictures at least, but I didn't have time. They were so precious :3

Wei-Wei had a "Buy 2 Get 2 Free" coupon for Yankee Candles. I had always wanted nice smelling candles, so by going with a friend, we could each buy one and get one free. I got two small tumblers, the "French Vanilla," a classic, cozy scent, and the "Over the River," a clean, fresh scent. It doesn't say the volume of it on the glass or website, but it's supposed to burn for 35-45 hours. Each one is about the size of my hand, just for reference size. There was also a really nice scent called "Midnight Jasmine," which smelled exactly like fresh jasmine flowers, but it was sold out in the size I wanted. The small tumblers sell for $15.99, but with the coupon, each candle was only about $8, which I am happy to pay for ($16 for a candle is a bit too much, in my opinion). With the friend, I also didn't have to get four candles, which is honestly more than I'd know what to do with.

I really love candles, and even if I'm not going to be able to burn them, I can still leave them there and smell their soft scent in my room. I'm looking forward to a nice, cozy winter this year, snuggled in bed with some hot chocolate, books and Christmas music. ◊

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