Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Buying Books at the Library

This post is from a long time ago, so I don't have much to say about some of the notes I put down. Basically what happened is that I noticed a lot of fines on my account even though I had just paid off everything and returned the books on time. I went to the library to check out another book and see if I could get the fines removed from my account, but when I went to ask about the fines at the help desk, the attendant just brushed me off and said that I should just pay. I demanded to see a manager and got the fines checked out, and he was very understanding. Moral of the story: when a service person is unnecessarily rude, don't try to argue with them, just ask to see another person, preferably someone higher up on the food chain. It saves you a lot of frustration, and you don't have the guilty conscience of being rude to staff members.

I went in to read my books and happened to bump into my friend Rachel. We had a discussion of a long of things, most notably people going overboard in issues such as racism and feminism. There's a lot to say about those topics, so I want to do a lengthy post on that once I have time, maybe second semester. She had to leave, so I sat there for a while, "stewing in my own disappointment" as she so eloquently put it. It was a very satisfying feeling working out some of that angst.

Anyhow, there is a section of the Almaden Library out in the front, off towards the side near the little cafe, with all kinds of used books for sale. I remember going there from a much earlier time, when the library was just newly remodeled. I bought a mini Chicken Soup for the Soul book for just a quarter. The prices now are only 50¢ for paperbacks and $1 for hardbacks. I got these two because they're apparently very popular and I hear they were pretty good. Two books for only $1.50! Whenever I have the time and money, I go there to look for the occasional good book. They have all kinds of books, from preschooler to adult, fiction and nonfiction. There's a copy of Eclipse by Stephanie Meyer and Bill Clinton's autobiography there for $1 each if you want (just kidding). I strongly encourage you to check it out.

I have so many good books to read now, and once college apps are finished, I want to start doing book reviews here. I really can't wait until second semester! ◊

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