Thursday, October 2, 2014

Wish List / Bucket List

Around this time last year, after the buzz about "bucket lists" had died down (I'm always a little late for things), I sat down and typed a list of all the things I ever wanted to do. Then Evernote crashed in the middle of finals season and I was so mad that I pretty much never opened it again.

Today, as I was trying to clean up some of the things in my computer, I found this list again. Luckily I had the presence of mind to title the note with the date, so without further ado, here is my bucket list from October 23, 2013 with [parenthetical] commentary from present day me:
  • go to a concert [I still haven't gone to one! This one's still at the top of my list. Don't know who I'd want to see though.]
  • shopping SPREE [This will still be the first thing I save up my money for, just going on a full out shopping spree buying everything I want.]
  • eat ice cream on a picnic [I always thought it would be funny to try to climb up a hill or go to a park to have a picnic before the ice cream melted.]
  • lie in a meadow and just sleep [When I have the time...]
  • cloud-gazing [Again, when I have the time]
  • star-gazing [I had something with wanting to just watch the sky, didn't I]
  • meteor-gazing [Pretty much the same as above? How did I make these separate at the time?]
  • urban camping [I have no idea what this means anymore.]
  • sing a cover [Hahaha no. What was I even thinking.]
  • walk holding hands [This one's kind of sweet, but I've come to accept the fact that I'm probably going to be #foreveralone or a #catlady, so meh, whatever.]
  • karaoke without a care [Did I really think I could sing at any point in time?]
  • berry picking [Still seems pretty fun, but I'm more of a couch potato now, so not sure if I still want to do this.]
  • sunrise on a mountaintop [Before I graduate! Or leave for college! I want to do the Mission Peak sunrise climb. Spring break maybe?]
  • a music video [Not too sure what this one means. Again, I've now accepted the fact that I will never be a singer.]
  • dance in the rain [Considering that California is in a drought, this doesn't seem likely.]
  • art museum [Maybe Art Club could do this this year. Something good though, not just scribbly modern art.]
  • coffee run [I've kind of done this, but one can never have enough coffee.]
  • stay up more than 24 hours [What was I thinking?!? All nighters are NOT fun. Never again.]
  • classical music in nature [Was I some kind of hippie? Why is this something I wanted to do.]
  • travel [Yes. More places.]
  • be a crazy average teenager [Working on it.]
  • explore a city in full makeup and fashion [Still have to do that fancy photoshoot and be all badass. This will probably have to wait until college.]
  • create an alter ego [Done! Kind of. Will probably be changing blog URL to that name soon.]
  • answer 20 questions completely honestly [Have yet to do this, but not sure if I still want to.]
  • dye my hair bright purple [This is definitely going to happen. Once college apps are over.]
  • travel to cities and islands [Kind of the same thing as travel ^.]
  • Ted Talk about all those things [Still love TED talks. I want to be a motivational speaker.]
  • have a discussion/lecture about how/why the world is messed up [Wow. I was such a pessimist. I still am a pessimist, I guess, but the world is not all bad, and I'm not so angsty anymore. I think.]
  • plot twist! [I don't know what this means.]
  • read to children at a bookstore [Hmm, not as intrigued by this anymore.]
  • be a princess for a day [Yes please!]
So that's that. My old bucket list. I think I've actually changed quite a lot in the space of one year. This list feels like its 50% another person, not me. I saw a comic the other day, with something along the lines of "I'm not where I want to be, but I'm also not where I used to be, and I'm glad for that," and I think that's quite true. Whatever may come, I'm interested to see how I'll be different at the end of it. ◊


  1. I'm with ya on the shopping spree!! Wouldn't that be nice!

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