Monday, October 27, 2014

I'm Done With It (Part 3)

2) Homecoming

Saturday, October 24th was Homecoming. To be honest, the dance itself was an utter disappointment. The music sucked, and the majority of the people there were people I didn't care about at all. At one point, someone made the comment that Homecoming is basically "Freshman Prom" and I couldn't agree more. All I could see in the middle of the dance floor were freshmen grinding and making out.

The pre-HC was better, though it was kind of a last minute thrown together event. One of the girls went without her boyfriend because he "didn't feel like it" (he sure was regretful later on), and another's couldn't make it because her date was in the hospital recovering from having his appendix removed. We did makeup, ate Togo's, and took pictures on the porch overlooking the valley. Despite the forecast of rain, no one had considered the possibility of clouds blocking the sun, so the lighting wasn't too great, but we all had fun. Here's one of the better pictures, but of course I'm blinking.

At the dance, the GBA was converted into an ice cream bar, with nicely laid out tables and fairy lights ringed around the room. The overall effect was quite nice and the ice cream was delicious. The Giants vs. Royals baseball game was playing on a large screen outside, and every once in a while, you'd hear a huge roar when the Giants scored a point.

The photo booth was also a lot of fun. Various props were available, of which I picked a purple boa that ended up only being in one of the pictures. I actually really like this set, but unfortunately I accidentally bent the physical print.

As I mentioned earlier, the rest of the dance wasn't much fun. Everything sounded the same, and they only played about two lines of each song before switching with a huge pause in between songs. The music was played really slowly, all over one beat, with some of the songs slowed down to match the beat. It was like trying to dance in syrup. We ended up spending about half our time outside taking ridiculous selfies (including the obligatory duckface selfie).

(So attractive, I know right.)

After the dance, we went to Safeway for some chocolate as a quick energy replenisher. I was tired and probably stumbling around on wobbly ankles the whole time, but somehow we made it. Going back into the car is when things turned sour. Some crusty noodle cups (aka boys with no life) decided to yell at us, to which my friend responded with a succinct "Fuck off." They then had the audacity to follow us into the neighborhood, with their headlights off.

From the sound of their voices, I assumed that they were probably around the age of underclassmen in high school, but since they were driving without parents, I'd guess they were a bit older. I didn't respond at the time because I was tired, but I did wish I had the energy to pick a fight. It's horrible that people seem to think they have the right to shout rude remarks to anyone they want, especially strangers. But in the long run, they're probably just sad people who can't deal with their sadness, and I almost pity them, except for the fact that this neighborhood is a pretty safe, tolerant, and well off area where resources are available to help people. We all just want to be happy, but that doesn't mean you can be a twat to other people to achieve that. It's not fair or fun for anyone. Equally disappointing is when I discussed this incident with some of my male friends, who responded with "but some of them are nice" and "smart guys do it too sometimes" when I said "those dumb creeps are nasty." They may be "nice" or "smart," but they're still creeps.

I am in the process of writing an in-depth post on feminism to be published in the future, but the gist of it is that there's no sure way to avoid being harassed. In the current state of society, nothing a woman does will ever be seen in a positive light by those who are misogynists, of which there seem to many of. It seems that the only way to make some people happy is to not exist at all, and it's obviously not fair to yourself to cater to their whims (a concept to be explored in the next two parts of the "I'm Done With It" posts). No matter how careful a woman is, there will always be the danger of harassment or other worse dangers. The current state of tumblr-feminism and most other online social justice warriors are extremely bad at getting these messages across. But the main point is that teaching women how to avoid these things will not work, it is absolutely essential to teach boys and men not to do these things.

On a happier note, a super shoutout to Sonia for doing my hair and makeup! Go like her Facebook page Pretty Perfect for more hair tutorials and makeup looks! We spent two and a half hours on everything, most of it trying to tease my hair, which refused to curl. The first picture here is a before and after, the next two show different angles of the mohawk braid, and the last shows what it looks like from the back and side.

EDIT: Art Club also did the backdrop for the homecoming skits, which I was tremendously proud of!

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