Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Start of School

School started today, so I'll be blogging a lot less, maybe only once per week or two weeks. I'll probably also go back to some older posts and edit them to look nice, because doing so always puts me into a good mood. These past few weeks I've actually been blogging more than once per day, so I've been staggering the posts to keep them separate. I still want to make it a goal to update regularly, because this blog has grown to be a project that I'm quite fond of. I've just gotten it to look exactly the way I want and I have lots of plans for it in the future. I'm also thinking of changing the name and URL again, but that can wait until at least the end of the year. First semester senior year is probably going to be the most stressful experience thus far in my life, so I'm a little worried about what's yet to come, but mostly ready to tackle it head on. Wish me luck, and thank you so much for reading! ◊

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