Saturday, August 23, 2014

#obsessed: Monsters (Acoustic) – Timeflies ft. Katie Sky

Timeflies is one of my favorite music groups, so I am surprised that I have not done a post about them yet. They are an East Coast duo that mostly does covers of popular songs with freestyle raps, describing themselves in a genre they call "Electro Hip Pop Dub-Something". Rez is the remixer, and he plays too many instruments to count; Cal is the rapper, and his freestyling skills are mindblowing. They started on Youtube, and I was introduced to their channel by a friend last year. Since then, they've grown so much, releasing another full album of original songs and touring all around the United States.

Even without all of the amazing digital beats that Rez puts in, their raw talent is extraordinary. It's incredible to think that they are basically completely self-made, reaching #1 on the iTunes chart before even having a label. Here is the acoustic version of "Monsters ft. Katie Sky," of one of my favorite original songs they've made. Enjoy!

Other favorite songs/covers include:

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