Friday, August 1, 2014

Food Friday #003

It's Friday again, but now it's August, which worries me because of the imminent threat of going back to school and college apps. Luckily, there is always yummy food to help relieve the stress.

»Gradient Smoothie   ^
I accidentally discovered how to create a smoothie with a gradient when I wanted to thin down my strawberry-peach-mango smoothie. It was Jamba quality (the secret is frozen fruit + juice) and amazingly delicious, but I couldn't drink it without a straw. I poured in some more mango juice, but after a while, the juice just sank to the bottom. The result was a sunset style gradient, and it still tasted pretty good!

»Langers Mango Nectar                                                                   >
I used to get this all the time from Costco, but after a while, it somehow disappeared. Now it's back and still tastes as good as ever. It has a sweet, velvety texture, and from the ingredients it looks pretty healthy (no added sugar). Hands down, favorite juice ever!

»Pound Cake
You really can't go wrong with a good ole' slab of pound cake.

»Giant Mint Chocolate Chip Cookies
A friend dropped these off a few days ago. They are heavenly. Mint chocolate chip is my favorite flavor, and the fact that there are now mint chocolate chip cookies is bliss. They're huge – almost the size of my face – and sadly, I've eaten many more than one. Despite that, I've vaguely read that sugar and/or caffeine can actually help calm down certain people. Though I don't know for sure if this is true or not, I've spend the last few hours in a frenzy of productivity fueled by chocolate-induced bliss.

»Greek Yogurt
I tried Greek yogurt for the first time this week, and I'm pretty satisfied by the flavor and texture. It's much, much thicker than regular yogurt and tastes a little less sweet. You also have to thoroughly stir it to blend in the fruit at the bottom and get a more consistent texture. Apparently it's a lot healthier, even though the taste is basically the same, so I guess I'll probably be eating this more in the future. There's really no need for a picture, because it looks exactly the same as any other single serving cup of yogurt.

»Chili Cheese Quesadilla
I'm known for not being a big fan of anything spicy (I can barely eat a hot cheeto without crying) but for some reason I love this chili. It's a mix of beef, beans, and green peppers, and the spiciness is just enough without being too overwhelming for my "delicate" taste buds. These quesadillas are super easy, delicious, and filling, and take five minutes tops to make. All you need are two tortillas, some cheese, and a can of chili. On medium heat, place a tortilla and a circle of shredded cheese. Within the circle of cheese, place approximately two spoonfuls of chili. When the cheese is half melted, cover the entire thing with another layer of cheese, and place another tortilla on top. Flip the quesadilla upside-down to melt the new layer of cheese, and when the melty cheese edges seal together, you're done! It's ridiculously easy and delicious.

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