Saturday, July 26, 2014

Overdue Birthday Thank You's

I realize that my birthday was weeks ago, but better late than never right?

An overall thank you to all the people who wished me a happy birthday (but will never know I thanked them because barely anyone knows about this blog), and a very special overall thank you to all of the people who gave me nice things. I feel very loved <3 Keep reading for your personal shoutout!

First things first, this cake from my parents was pretty cool, even though it was just a generic Safeway/Costco cake, I don't remember which. I believe it was a chocolate covered raspberry mousse, and it was tooth-achingly sweet. I put in 17 candles in the form of the number 17, but unfortunately they were so close together, it took a few tries to blow them out.

A big thank you to my wonderful friend Sonia for this scrumptious chocolate cake. The fudgey goodness probably held the key to world peace, but too late, I've already eaten it all. Thank you as well to Rosa for taking the time to send me a gift from all the way across the continent; your cinnamon roll (?) was amazing and the note really made my day!

Shoutout to my little sister who carved a whale out of a zucchini squash. It shriveled up and grew mold after a week, but it's the thought that counts. Here it is in its fresh state to be preserved forever in an image on the internet.

A huge thank you to Mrs. Brasher (my speech and debate teacher) for the wonderful gift, flowers, and cake. The roses were probably the loveliest gift I've ever received. You've helped me grow as a person and a leader and stay strong through these years and there are no words to express how grateful I am that I've had the fortune to have you in my life. Time has flown by so quickly; it's hard to believe that I only have one more year as your student, but I look forward to it being an amazing adventure.

Roses are an exquisite subject of photography, so forgive me for having so many pictures of them.

Thank you Diana for buying me a box of donuts. I ate three and got fat but I don't regret it. It made me very happy. You're a pretty rad friend.

And finally, as the saying goes, the greatest gift a man can give is the gift of time. Thank you to Wei-Wei and Karan for putting up with with the super weird, crazy, hyper, sugar high version of myself. You guys are phenomenal and thank you for making that day and many, many other days a great day.

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