Saturday, June 28, 2014

Meet Larry B. Jellyguts – My Cat

This here is Larry B. Jellyguts. He is my pet cat.

Truth be told, there's absolutely nothing special about him. He's fat and lazy and sheds too much, just like any other middle aged house cat. Still, I want to share him with you because I've wanted to do a post about pets for a while, and today he was just lying on my bed and stretching adorably, so I thought, "Why not." This is kind of a random post and I'm not sure exactly how to format it, so to keep it simple, here are five facts about Larry.

1. He was originally named Tony, but after we acquired him from a family friend who was moving and could not keep him, we decided that he needed a new name.

2. He is named after Lilly's cat in the TV show Modern Family, though that Larry has white fur, but we all agreed that it suited him. Larry is a nice name for a cat.

3. The middle name, Bartleby, comes from a Herman Melville story of the same name, where a middle aged man has the catchphrase, "I would prefer not too." I felt that this suited Larry quite well, as every time I would ask him to do something, such as getting off the bed, he would just kind of stare at me with a look that said, "I would prefer not to."

4. His last name is Jellyguts. This is based on his physical appearance, because as he walks, there is a flap of fat and skin on his belly that droops and jiggles. He just kept getting fatter and fatter until we realized that the instructions on the cat food bag said to feed a cat of his size 1 cup per day, not one cup per meal. Since then, he's lost weight considerably, and we let him outside to exercise more, as he is extremely lazy. It's ok though, because he sleeps just like this, and it's so adorable!

5. He's actually quite clever. Just the other day, I let him outside into the backyard for a while so he could get some fresh air. My mom was also outside to watch him, but as soon as the doorbell rang and we were distracted, he dashed across the yard and leaped on top of the fence. I tried to grab him, but he ran down the length of the fence and jumped into the neighbor's yard. The neighbor has a cat too, so I'm assuming he's just visiting his friends. He always comes back at 5:00 sharp, because he knows we feed him, and because he enjoys sleeping too.

That's all for now! Sorry if this post was a little boring, but hopefully the pictures make up for it. Let me know if you have any pets or what pet you would get if you could have one in the comments! Hope you have a great day! ◊


  1. SOOO CUTE! I love cats! Post more about Larry! XD

  2. lol 1 cup per day hahaha