Thursday, June 19, 2014

BakeFest: Variations on Pie!

After over a month of delays due to schoolwork and whatnot, Sonia and I finally managed to get together for a bakefest! In the first two pictures, you see Sonia's delicately crafted Apple Pie Rosettes. I don't know how she did it – they turned out so well! If it were me, the products would probably be featured in a "Pinterest Fails" article. The last two pictures are of my Lemonade Pie Cookies, which look far from the picture in the recipe, but nevertheless tasted amazing. Rather than using store bought crust, I opted to make my own (due to the fact that I am broke, not because I'm good at it) so the cookies turned out a lot thicker and took a lot longer than the 45 minutes the recipe claimed. In fact, Sonia had made two batches of the apple roses before I had even finished my first batch, despite skipping one step in crimping back the edges. Towards the end, I also realized that some of the cookies didn't have enough filling, so I attempted to stuff some more in through the cuts in the top, but the difference was negligible; they were still delicious. We ended up burning our mouths on fresh out of the oven cookies, but overall it was a very fun activity and I look forward to having another one soon, possibly again this summer. ∆

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