Sunday, April 20, 2014

So I Made a Twitter...

Spring Break is coming to an end, so I thought I'd do a bit of a general update. So many random things happened, so I might as well just list out a few to save the trouble of trying to find connections between all these events. Here are three notable things-that-happened this week:

1.   Hell Week (supposedly insanely intense workouts for a week) for swimming fell apart by Wednesday, when we took team pictures. On Thursday, traffic on Almaden Expressway was so bad, the coach showed up 30 minutes late, so a lot of people left to go get food. I went with two friends to get donuts and Starbucks, and when we got back, the team played football instead. It was really hot, so I just wore my suit and leggings and sat around the field, but despite not really moving, I got stung by a bee right on the middle of my back. At first, I assumed a tick or something had bit me, so without thinking, I yanked what I thought was a small bug out of my back. It looked like a thorn, until a friend told me I had a bee still on my suit. It wasn't too bad, I guess because I pulled out the stinger so quickly, but it still itches. The winning team (Frosh/Soph vs Junior/Senior) did not have practice on Friday, so basically we only had two days of actual swim practice.

2.   I am currently crushing on ThatcherJoe, a British Youtuber who is absolutely hilarious, and also quite attractive. On Saturday, he did a live show on a website called YouNow, which was also hosting an iPad Mini giveaway, so I thought, why not, I have as much of a chance as anyone else of winning, right? Unsurprisingly, I didn't win. He also promised to follow people back on Twitter who used a certain hashtag, so (I know this is pathetic don't judge me too harshly) I made a Twitter account. Just so I could get a celebrity to follow me. Is that sad and shallow? Yes. Do I regret it? Also yes. Right now all it is a a vomit of bright garish purple, because I didn't care enough to customize the theme too carefully. If I don't get a follow, I think I might just get rid of it forever, because it is too open (not enough privacy) for my taste. I waste enough time on Facebook already, and that is enough social media for me. Another thing with websites such as Twitter or Instagram is that it all just seems like a big popularity contest: how many followers, how many hashtags, how many likes. Though Facebook also has likes, it feels different, as more is not necessarily better (it depends on how many friends you have, which in turn depends on how many people you know, which isn't something to compete in, because it's better to have quality over quantity, for the most part).

3.   During breaks, I like to catch up on movies, and today I watched In Time. I didn't like it a lot, but I didn't dislike it either; the idea was good, but it could have been executed better. Basically, in a future society, everyone stops aging at 25, but once you hit age 25, you only have one year to live, unless you earn more time. It got me thinking, what if everyone knew exactly how long they had to live? Suppose, if everyone, regardless of race or gender, had exactly and only 50 or 70 years to live, no exceptions? What would the world focus on? Would people finally cooperate to make everyone's life as easy as possible, or would each person selfishly try to live life to the fullest? It is a question that will never be answered, but it is interesting to think about nonetheless.

I'm glad I did a lot of blogging during this break. AP testing is coming up, so I probably won't be able to do another blog post in a while. Now, back to work that I procrastinated on!

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