Saturday, March 29, 2014

The Maze Runner

So I just spent the last 9 hours straight reading all three books of the Maze Runner series.


I know right. I'm thinking the same. I don't know how it happened. One moment I was watching the movie trailer on Youtube, then the next moment I was extremely confused, and finally there was a happily ever after.

Again, what?

I'm still confused myself. Today, I was supposed to accomplish several things, including dress shopping for prom, math homework, science homework, and a head start on a large english essay. Since I will be dress shopping tomorrow instead, it looks like the essay will have to wait.

Other updates on life include a mild panic attack about the future and colleges and all that stuff after seeing a post about one acquaintance who was admitted to four elite colleges (MIT, Princeton, Brown, and Cornell), and lots to rain today. A lot of people say that rain is peaceful and calming, but for me, rain just stresses me out. It's literally like the sound of impending doom, especially when it's raining really hard. Luckily, after talking to a friend, I found out that I'm not alone in this opinion. Still, I guess I'm just a bit weird, and always will be. But that's ok. I accept and even like my weirdness. It's just a problem when I'm afraid that other people don't. Here I could make a comment about the weird culture of conformity that America has somehow found itself in, but I won't because I can't adequately explain it. I'm still very confused at the moment.

This post has generally been a confusing mess because I'm still reeling from the events in that series. I'm sorry, and hopefully I'll be more coherent in my next post.

Do I dare press [Publish]? Yes. #YOLO


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