Monday, January 13, 2014

I need a tablet!

so quite unfortunately, comments are still not showing up, and i don't know how to fix it. then again, no one really reads this blog, so there's no point in having comments anyway. but what i really need is a tablet.

this is a tablet for drawing on the computer.

as of right now i'm managing ok on a mac trackpad and this wonderful drawing program called inkscape, which is a free vector drawing program, but to make high quality mass quantities of drawings, a tablet is much better. you can draw like using a regular pencil and paper, which is more comfortable than finger and trackpad (not very accurate and feels like finger painting). i have no idea how allie brosh at hyperbole and a half made all of those drawings on MS paint. i just can't fathom it.

if anyone happens to stumble across this blog and has a tablet that could be donated to a poor broke high school student, please contact me. somehow. i really want need a tablet. i'll even make a drawing for you. in the meantime, enjoy this representation of me frustrated at not having a tablet.

i should also remember to put a signature on stuff so people can't take it. oh well. be a good person and don't use this stuff without permissions. pls. thanks.

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