Sunday, January 19, 2014

I am Awkward

I've always been an extremely awkward person. I make spoonerisms, trip over nothing (or ghost feets, you never know), and I'm always the person to start AND end awkward silences. I also make a lot of random comments and noises. Most of it has to do with my extreme introvertedness, which limits my social contact to a bare minimum. It's driven away at least a few potential people of interest of the opposite gender networking opportunities. Most of the time, when I'm in public, I just try to stay away from people as much as possible. At parties, I'll be sitting at the table just panicking about how to "socialize" while everyone's playing Just Dance 4 and in general, having a great time. I'm surprised at how I even have friends left, and I am beyond grateful for the ones I have, because they've managed to stay with me despite my weirdness and tendency to not respond at all sometimes. However, they're always telling me to "just be yourself" as if being myself could make me more social. If I would "just be myself" at a social gathering, I'd bring a book and read and not talk at all.

Sitting on the middle of the rug reading a book.

An ideal birthday party for me would be to take a few good friends to a bookstore, and then we'd all just sit and read. Of course, no one would find that any fun but me, so there goes that idea.

P.S. You may have noticed that this blog post now utilizes proper grammar and capitalization (for the most part). This is an attempt to establish myself as a more "legitimate" blog in an effort to become famous so I won't have to actually work to sustain myself. I am also beginning a campaign of shameless promoting at the end of each blog post until I hit 5 subscribers. Once I hit 5 subscribers, I'll do something else. If you like what you are seeing on this blog, please share it, subscribe, and/or leave a comment or reaction! If you don't like what you are seeing on this blog, tell people about how much you hate it. Either way I get free publicity (I'm so smart)! Thanks for reading!

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