Friday, January 31, 2014


With depression, I often have to trick myself into thinking differently. It doesn't work to say "Hey, just think POSITIVE!" because when you can't even feel normal, there's no way to feel positive. The most important, most urgent thing, is to stop feeling hopeless and apathetic. The only problem is, you always have to be feeling something, so you can't just stop feeling sad. You can't feel happy either, so what do you do? Here's the trick: you feel angry. You can hate anything and everything and that will be ok. Hate the depression. Hate school. Hate work. Hate the people that don't care. Hate the ignorance and stupidity of the world. Anything works, as long as you can stop feeling miserable. Anger, though just as negative as sadness, is a lot easier to work with, because it is a feeling of action, that you can work with and wrangle until something happens. Sadness is a deadening, poisonous fog. Anger is a killer laser beam. Once you're out of the way of both of them, and observe them from a distance, the sadness will still be there, but you can manipulate the laser at whatever needs to be destroyed, including the sad fog. The result is you'll be able to do things again, and then move on from there.

This post to be continued. With pictures. Once I have time. Once all the fog is burned off.

In the meantime, here's a song.

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